Wednesday, 16 January 2013

2012: A Pop Culture Year In Tweets

2012 started with a party, of course
After completely failing to celebrate my birthday the previous year, 2012 saw me take a whole bunch of friends down to London, where we bought comics, ran around Hamley's and the Science Museum and ate a grotesque amount of BBQ at Bodean's.
This wasn't due to anything. I just still think this is funny.
I stand by my original assessment. Michael Fassbender's penis is gigantic. Also, Shame was very good. Probably the best looking film I saw all year, and with tremendous performances from all.
A good couple of days - the never-ending gift that was Maya Rudolph hosting SNL, the announcement of Phonogram's approaching third series, and Helena Shepherd kicked ass.
The Warriors is a great film, but watching an original print of it at midnight then wandering back through the deserted city makes it even better.
Saga has been one of the consistently great comics of the year - smart, funny, original and heartfelt, with astonishingly good art from Fiona Staples, who combines flawless storytelling, great character design and a flair for conveying emotion to brilliant effect.
Los Campesinos! are my favourite band, and their shows are always great: amazing energy, great banter and stellar performances. Plus, I got to hang out with the now sadly departed Ellen afterwards and chat about podcasts and stuff.
New Girl took a while to win me over, and definitely had a shaky start, but its slowly proved itself to be funny week in, week out, often reaching the heights of hilarious. Plus I've realised I share Schmidt's control issues in the kitchen.
I can't even remember why we were throwing a party on this particular night, but I think we can definitely call this The Year Tim and Bret Perfected Their House Party Skills

 It may not be high art, or even among what I consider my Top 5 films of the year, but Avengers was the most fun I've had at the cinema for a long, long while, and isn't that what really matters.
This still saddens me to think about. I think it may be the first celebrity death I can honestly say I've felt affected me. We miss you, MCA.

Parks and Recreation continues to be amazing. This, the final episode of Season 4, saw Amy Poehler's Leslie Knope elected as a city councilwoman, and honestly had me welling up alongside her as she cast her ballot.
Race issues aside*, Girls has proved itself to be pretty damn good. It feels a lot like a series of short stories at times, but that doesn't put me off of it - in fact, more television could do with doing smaller, better observed stories. Still needs more Shoshanna though.

*My two cents: yes, it's awfully white. So is most TV, but for what is meant to be an honest portrayal of contemporary New York, that is either a massive oversight or says a lot about Lena Dunham's world, and when she says she doesn't care about those sorts of things, she sounds like an idiot.
 Always a pleasure to see official Friend of the Blog Alex Spencer, and finally meeting Robin and Michael in person was great. Had a lot of fun recording a podcast with them, and it was a great taster for Thought Bubble in November...
The Dark Knight Rises wasn't good. Deal with it. Neither was Spider-Man 3, but at least it had a sequence in which James Franco danced and made an omelette.
Shut Up And Play The Hits was one of those bittersweet experiences, watching a band you love perform their last ever show, knowing they're finishing on a high. So glad I got to see it on a big screen.
 I didn't watch nearly as many classic films as I should have in my quest to watch 100 films I'd never seen before this year, but at least I got round to watching The Godfather. Maybe this year, I'll watch Part 2.
 Another trip down to London town, this time to see the talented Michael Eckett perform in his own quickfire play that runs through the history of comics, and drink with Alex Spencer. In addition, I got to spend the next day walking around London, taking reference photos for The Broken City.
This was also the Year We Started Bros & Cons, our frequently anarchic comedy advice podcast. If you're reading this and you haven't already listened to it, go now! What are you waiting for?
My housemate Bret managed to devise a version of fantasy football that used actual fantasy figures - my team included Doctor Doom, Lion-O, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and River Tam. Our group of friends are not sports people, but for nine weeks we talked tactics, passing strategy and whether Deadpool is a good goalkeeper.
My friends in Cheesemint outdid themselves this year in producing a hilarious, ambitious web-series in "Unlocked". I can't wait to see what they do in the future.
Hallowe'en is the best holiday. Drunk Hallowe'en is the besht holiday.
Finally got round to watching the rest of Breaking Bad this year after watching seasons one and two in fits and starts. After about midway through S2, watching the next episode became an obsession that kept me up way to late way too often. Cannot wait to see how Vince Gilligan and company end the series this year.
I stayed up until 7.30AM watching the election coverage, but, as a US politics nerd, it was totally worth it. Obama is a long way from perfect, but he's a hell of a lot better than Romney.
We rocked Thought Bubble pretty damn hard this year. As always, the mid-con party was the highlight, but sketches from Emma Rios and Kate Beaton, Kieron Gillen's "1000 Words" keynote speech and just the general atmosphere of the weekend were all wonderful.
As the year has gone on, we've been regularly dragging people back to ours to drink and sing impromptu karaoke via Rock Band 2. It's been a trend I approve of.
It ended up being Point Break.

And the first tweet of 2013?
Wise words, Drunk Tim. Wise words indeed.

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