Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Where I Am Today

My name is Tim Maytom. Right now, I'm sprawled in bed in Norwich, England, writing by candlelight. It's August 21st 2012. The temperature in Norwich today was "too damn hot" and I've just finished killing a spider that made two of my best friends run shrieking up the stairs.

This is my blog for long-form writing, mostly analysis and discussion of stuff I'm interested in; from music of the pop and indie varieties to feminism, films to cookery, television to gaming.

You may have followed me here from my Tumblr http://trivia-lad.tumblr.com/ or my Twitter account https://twitter.com/trivia_lad or you may have just stumbled across me; whatever the case, welcome! Hopefully you'll find something here to entertain you.

To start with, I'll have a couple of regular articles. The first will be a bi-weekly check in as I listen to every album I own in alphabetical order. I'll be writing about rediscovering songs or whole albums I've forgotten, and the joys of the whole record in the age of the shuffle. The second will be a sort of director's commentary on a role-playing game I'm running. It revolves around a group of newly-empowered mages in a London torn apart by secret magical gang war. I'll be writing about my thought processes, how I've been building up the world in preparation, and how the various sessions unfold.

Right now, you can head over to my Tumblr to get an idea of where my interests lie (right now - banknote design, Debbie Harry and Russian cosmonauts shooting bears) or head over to esteemed friend Alex Spencer's tremendous blog, where he's just put up a podcast where he, I and three other friends pick apart the second wave of DC's New 52 comics, when we're not being distracted by American Ninja Warrior adverts.

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